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Stay in our beautiful country cottages and enjoy a unique farmstay
experience on Wappan Station.

Experience a farmstay on one of Victoria’s largest sheep stations located near Mansfield, Victoria on the shores of
Lake Eildon. Self contained accommodation options include group accommodation, farm stay and country cottage – with magnificent views of the High Country, Lake Eildon and Mount Buller.

Unique Farmstay Victoria

Our farmstay accommodation is an ideal home base for exploring Mansfield and the High Country area. Enjoy local wineries, markets and special events. If you like to snow ski, Wappan provides off-mountain Mt Buller accommodation with cosy open fires within an hours drive of the snow.

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Ski Mt Buller – Explore Mansfield – Soak Up Lake Eildon

Wappan offers unique farmstay accommodation with self contained cottages on Lake Eildon. You can swim, fish, water ski or simply relax on the shores of lake Eildon. You can also ride the Rail Trail and explore Mansfield and the surrounding district. In winter, Wappan Station is perfect for large groups looking for off-mountain Mansfield accommodation for Mt Buller. With self contained accommodation just a short drive from Bullers snow fields, groups can enjoy the thrills of snow skiing and snowboarding without breaking your budget.

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